Vietstar Language Informatics School is a brand labeled with the reputation of the top quality training on the international English program for kids, teenagers and adults. All training programs of Vietstar are designed by the experienced Vietnamese and foreign teachers who are well-trained with many years of experience in training Cambridge and America ETS certificate.

Vietstar is to provide English training course from basic to advanced level with an aim to bring high quality English courses to non-
native learners. We are commited to provide the learners with the most suitable English training courses that will equip them with knowledge and skills so that they are able use English in real life and become confident enough to join the global integration.

VIETSTAR always ensures the best quality education supplied to the learners, helping them figure out their own potential. Vietstar is one of the pioneers in the field of English education in Vietnam with an auspiciousness of being one of the leading international English language school in Vietnam.

Quality commitment:
The satisfaction of the clients is always our top target. We are here to support the learners on developing their english competency by our dedicated instruction in a professional learning environment equipped with modern facilities and equipment. Vietstar unceasingly make endeavor to bring the learners a friendly environment in which goal-oriented individuals have opportunities to develop themselves as they overcome challenge and difficulties. We commit to provide you all, our valuable
clients, with the best service.

Commitment to society and development orientation
Vietstar always desire to create fair chance of recruitment, training, promotion, salary policy and benefits to everyone regardless of religion, gender, age, nationality, color and race. Vietstar treats all employees fairly based on work efficiency. Vietstar strictly comply with state law and regulations and fulfill our responsibility to community.

Development orientation:
To become a top standard international English language school in Vietnam.