This is the 6 English English peak to the address of the user is also mispronounced

Here are 6 simple English words that come poles indigenous people mispronounce
Not every native is where the correct pronunciation. Learn to pronounce English was “genuine” than they are offline.

English is one of the most popular language in the world (after Chinese and Spanish). However, not so that it becomes an easy to learn both languages.

The evidence is right in the matter of  pronunciation, there are only extremely simple from the right to the natives say is sometimes wrong. If you do not believe, look at the following words and see if you read correctly few words.

  1. Salmon – cá hồi

Most of us, including the British, half Native American, are read from sal-mon is (the letter “l” bending light reading after the word “sa”).

But according to the phonetic alphabet IPA, salmon is denoted / saemən / or / sɑmən /, that this word is pronounced sa-mon only (or sae-mon) only.

2. Almond – hạnh nhân

Similarly, from almond – almonds (/ɑ.mənd/) well just ah-mond pronounced only. There are many well to add the letter “l” behind the “ah” sound, and so it is incorrect.


  1. Mischievous – tinh nghịch, tinh ranh

    This is one of very confused, simply because its structure makes it ideal letter “v” preceding the “e” if the glance.

    Crashed out, people often read mischievous (/mɪs.tʃɪ.vəs/) a mis-che-vee-us (pronounced jack-chi-en-chili, late from memory add “s” for to mouth), and seems as this word has become a standard reading for native speakers.

    However, the right way is just mis-che -vous only.

    4. Athlete – Vận động viên

From this makes people confused because of habit only. Correct pronunciation of the athlete (/aeθ.lit/) is ATH-Leet, with “th” sound pronounce ultralight.

However, many people habitually read long sound “th” to “ther”: ATH-er-lete, sounds very … bullshit.


5. Ask

One of the most commonly used words in the English language soon turned out to British or native also said wrong. Perhaps, the Vietnamese we pronounce this much better here.

Ask (/ ɑsk /), the correct pronunciation is ah-sk, with negative k at the end. However, many of aks pronunciation (sound s at the end), making it completely wrong in terms of semantics.

6. Quinoa 

Grain Quinoa quinoa is one of seeds high nutritional value, the role of important world food security. But if you talk about pronunciation, here is a word brings a lot of trouble for the local people.



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